Can you guys believe it, there’s only about one and a half weeks of august left! T_T  That means school is so much more closer.  But that also means back-to-school shopping, more clothes and accesories, yay.  Noticed any new fashion trends for the 2010-11 school year? Share here! I noticed that tote bags are more used.. maybe the trend of having over-the-knee socks and boots too?  And dressing it up a little with buttons, boots, and coats.  But you never know, trends may change, which of course always does! 
The weather in the area where I live in doesn’t even look like summer anymore this week… it’s been cloudy and in the lower 70s. :/  Of course, eating warm foods helps!

Anyone had this yummy drink before? It’s soo good, black currant flavored! :)  Had this earlier, and ‘Mama Tom Yum Noodles’ for a small meal.  Both are so tasty, especially if you like sweet drinks and spicy food.


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