Light Smokey Eye

My second makeup tutorial!
You’ll need:
*Silver Eyeshadow
*White Eyeshadow
*Black Eyeshadow
*Silvery/Blue-tint or White eyeliner
*Black Mascara
*Black Eyeliner (optional)
*White Base Eyeshadow (optional)
1.  Apply the white base (optional)

2.  Apply the black eyeshadow on the outer lid area, and partially in the middle lid.

3.  Put silver eyeshadow on the inner lid area, and blend the two together ONLY in the center part of the lid, so it doesn’t just look like two colors on your eyes.

4.  If you want to make the black stand out more, put more black eyeshadow, or vice versa with the silver eyeshadow.

5.  Using the silvery/blue-tint or white eyeliner, draw on the top eyelid along the crease.  I created a slight wing upwards.
6.  Using the same eyeliner, or with black eyeliner, draw in black eyeliner for half of the lower waterline (optional).

7.  Take your corner of your brush, or a thin brush, and put some white eyeshadow on the corner of your eye (next to the silver eyeshadow).
8.  Curl your eyelashes and apply black mascara.  Done!

Leave comments/suggestions to help me improve! ^^


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