Skin Care

Healthy Skin

To keep your skin healthy, you should:
*Drink water.
*Eat your 5 servings of fruits/vegetables.
*Remove your makeup sleeping,
*Avoid squeezing your pimples!
Also, it’s good to keep your skin moisturized. I usually use Aveeno lotion on my skin to keep it moisturized, and it works pretty well!  Some people enjoy exfoliating once a week, or using facial masks.  Exfoliating can remove dead skins on your face and using a facial mask can improve your skin condition. ;0 


To reduce the amount of breakouts/acne, you should:
*Wash your face daily, about 2~3 times; especially before you sleep.
*Drink water!!
*Eat your fruits/vegetables for nutrition.
*Try to not touch your face with your fingers since your fingers has oils and bacteria which can rub onto your face.
*Try to keep your hair out of your face, since it can cause bacteria rubbing on your face.
*Avoid eating fried or oily foods; the oil will clog up your pores and cause acne.
For me, to avoid acne, I wash my face regularly and I use Crabtree & Evelyn Skin Care: Oil Control Gel to control the oils on my face, and Clean & Clear: Persa-Gel to dry out any signs of acne I see.

I’ll post any face masks and face washes that I found useful. :)


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