Multiple-Eyelid Makeup Tutorial

This is tutorial for people who have multiple eyelids/creases. (This isn’t my eye).  Enjoy :P

You’ll need:
*Pink eyeshadow
*Bronze eyeshadow
*Grey eyeshadow
*White base eyeshadow (optional)
*Dark grey/silver eyeliner
*Black mascara

1.  Apply the white base eyeshadow (optional)
2.  Cover your top eyelid with pink eyeshadow.

3.  Apply bronze eyeshadow on the outer lid area.  Blend the pink and bronze together in the middle lid.

4.  Put a thin layer of grey eyeshadow on top for a shimmery affect (optional).
5.  Apply grey eyeshadow to the corner of your eye (near the pink eyeshadow). If needed, make it darker with black or more grey eyeshadow.

6.  Using the grey/silver eyeliner, draw along your creases and make a slight curve upwards.  Make sure when you open your eye, the eyeliner covers all the creases!

7.  Curl your lashes and apply mascara.  Finished!

Tip: If you have noticeable slanted eyes (like puppy-eye slant), you shouldn’t make a super-long wing because it would emphasize that curve downwards; that is unless you want to emphasize that!

Leave any comments/suggestions! ^__^

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