PapayaClothing/Makeup Tutorial

I just recently bought an article of clothing from Papaya.  It was my first time going to their store; it’s really similar to Forever 21.  

<ignore the background blah…>  I really like this, shirt/dress thing but it’s super see-through! But other than that, the sleeves are cool (’cause they have a chain as part of it) and the I like the flowers.

And I made another makeup tutorial! I like mixing eyeshadow colors :) And I finally found some black pencil liner, yay~

You’ll need:
*Purple eyeshadow
*Bronze eyeshadow
*Black eyeliner
*Black mascara
*Fake eyelashes (optional)

1.  Apply the purple eyeshadow on your top eyelid.

2.  Put bronze eyeshadow from the middle to outer lid area, and blend in the middle lid part.

3.  Using black eyeliner, draw along your crease on the top eyelid. (I didn’t make a wing, but you can if you want.) Then draw along the outer lash line.

4.  Curl your lashes and apply mascara, done! Or you can curl your lashes, put on fake eyelashes and then apply mascara.

<Before on the right, after on the left>

Sorry about the lighting! it makes the colors look lighter… -__-  I used the Daiso Japan fake eyelashes #15.  Leave any comments/suggestions!


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