Hair experimenting/Nails!

This weekend I experimented with my hair~ Someone french braided it while it was still partially dampy, and I left it there overnight.  The next day it was like POOF, like I got a really scary perm or something… but it was fun to mess with :P

And I did my nails yesterday; marbling, pretty easy! Haha, but my way of doing it makes the polish dry bumpy…
This site helps a lot explaining how to do it with water~

   Way to do it without water:
Take 2-3 (or more) different colors. (It looks better if the colors aren’t really similar, otherwise it’ll all look the same.)
Drop polish in dots on your nail, close to each other.
Using a toothpick or something sharp/pointy, swilr the colors around.  (Try to avoid making the colors mix together!)
Let it dry, and use top coat to make it more shiny!
I only do this way because I don’t like the messiness of doing it in water, and it’s more convenient for me.

My nails >_<:



   Way to do it with water:
You need a cup of water.
Take 2-3 (or more) different colors.  (Like above, using colors that aren’t very similar look better because of the contrast.)
Drop the nail polish in dots, on the water.  (It’s easier to leave the polish’s uncapped so you don’t have to keep unscrewing it each time.)
Using a toothpick of something sharp, swirl the colors around in the pattern you want.
Dip your nail in the polish/water mixture.
Remove the excess polish finger and around your nail with a q-tip.
Use a top coat for shiny-ness.

Picture I found:


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