Did my nails again >_< even though I have soo much homework… gah, school. I’ll post pictures laterr, tomrrow!  Tonight i’m going to try to make my hair wavy/curly by putting it in a bun.  People say it’s good to use, not totally wet hair, but damp.  I tried doing braids before, but one side was more wavier than the other -__-“.  If you ever try braiding to make wavy hair, try to part your hair in a diagnol zig zang thing.  I think that way its not supposed to be as noticeable as opposed to braiding it just along your part; when it dries there won’t be this awkard part in the back.  Maybe i’ll post pics one day, when I try wavying-braiding again.

Prouud to say, I cut my own hair for the first time!! Not just my bangs, but my whole head-hair; made it shorter and layered.  I’ll post pictures of this tomorrow too~  So happy it didn’t turn out messed up because i cut off so much hair.  

Well, that’s it for today… just a small update.  I’ll be posting pictures tomorrow, and if i have time, maybe a makeup tutorial?
Hope my hair turns wavy-ish ^_^

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