Winter-Theme Eye Makeup

I started thinking about winter… and snow (hopefully!) and I got inspired to do an eye makeup based off snowflakes/winter :)  Enjoy~

You’ll need:
*Light blue eyeshadow
*Light silver or white eyeshadow
*Dark grey or black eyeliner
*Black mascara
*False eyelashes (optional)

1.  Apply light blue eyeshadow on your top eyelid.

2.  Put light grey or white on the bottom half of your lower lashes. Try putting the grey eyeshadow as close, and not as thick as you can. (I used light grey eyeshadow)

3.  Using the dark grey or black eyeliner, draw along your upper lash line and create one or two small wings.  (I used dark grey eyeliner)

4.  Curl your eyelashes and apply black mascara, or use false lashes.  Donee! (I’m wearing my Daiso #15 lashes!)


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