Online window shopping…

I think i have too much free time on my hands sometimes, even though I should be doing homework… I’ve been looking online at clothes -__-”  I enjoy looking on Taobao.  It’s like a Chinese ebay, and i’ve only gotten some stuff from there, but I’ve been exploring other store’s and more pretty clothes keep popping up! 

Some clothes/accessories that I really really like:

This bag is so cute :O especially the little teddy bear dangling from it but it’s like… $21 which isn’t bad but i want so many things and it’s one of the most pricey ones.

See it here.

This isn’t really winter clothing but whatever, it’s so cute; i like halter tops a lot, and this one has layers/ruffles too.  It’s like $16 which isn’t bad either, but would i really wear it during the summer…?

See it here.

The back of the vest is so cute!! with ruffles and a bowtie, and i really like it in grey.  but i don’t really like the front because of the weird lace-thing along the seams… it’s really cheap though, like $10?

See it here.

Another item of clothing that isn’t really winter-ie… but it’s really cute, because the design is simple but nice.  It’s around $11, is that really worth it for this?

See it here.

I really wanted to get knee-high boots last year, but never saw ones that I could wear to school… because they all have heels.  These have a really small heel which is okay, and you can move the bow around! They’re $8-$11; wonder why they range in price?

See it here.

Another pair of boots I really want, slouchy (flat) boots!  I have two pairs of boots already, but they both have heels on them… and i can’t walk to school like that.  I think these beige colored ones are cuter than the other colors there are.  It’s only $5!! but that makes me wonder about the quality of them boots and how long they’ll last…

See it here.

Ahh… obsession with fashion and beauty is bad since it sucks up my money and i don’t even have a job T_T  I really want one… but the age/time restrictions make me soo mad!
Well it’s time to do some homework now, if i have time i’ll update later with some random stuff~


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