Ageha mag~

Mm, just thought i’d share some of my favorite pictures from the Ageha Magazine: March 2010 issue.  Currently it’s the only one i own -_- (i want to buy more soon!) but its in japanese and i can’t really read anything in it.  Can’t even figure what are the names of my favorite models beside Rina Sakurai…

Here’s some pictures from the mag:


Rina Sakurai’s top hairstyles.
i really like her hair color/highlights (yes, i know there are extensions in) and the curls + twist updo thing.

I want to try her eye makeup one day, the blue color is so pretty and it stands out a lot.
(There was another makeup tutorial on the other page, but it’s the same thing with a different color so i didn’t bother taking a photo of it)

So cute! They look like twins, and they’re hair is so nicee

Liking the curled pig tails, too bad my hair isn’t long enough…

Want to try this too! I wonder how her bangs stay like that… cause i know my don’t. they always move around or something.

Onto clothes! They’re showing off different lace tights/leggings, but i enjoy looking at their outfits more

The cotas are adorable and so warm looking!! I really like the military or double buttoned coat (the black and white ones on the top left corners)

Sorry if the pictures are kinda dark >_< I’ll try to make it brighter somehow next time.  well that’s it for now~

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