Outfits & Purple contacts

It’s october!
Ahh finally the weekend again~ And what makes it better yet is that next friday, i don’t have school = only a 4 day week! :D
Sooo, here are my daily outfits for the past couple days and finally i got a good ish picture of my purple contacts:

Trying to be gangsta haha; with the DC sweatshirt and Puma high tops
I like the lighting so much better, and the picture quality of the Nikon camera.  I can’t seem to find a way to hold it and take pictures well tho >_<

My white Love Culture dress/shirt thing! I still don’t know what to call it….
It was funny, people thought i was dressing up at school for some reason, but it looks slightly normal to me?

Wearing the same thing, but with a black coat thing from Wet Seal, just in case it got cold.

Ahh that’s it for my daily outfits, now onto my purple colored contacts!

(Ignore my hair on the edges…)

And also some random stuff:

What it looked like this morning from my kitchen window
Pretty contrast of blue and light orange

My favorite fragrance from Victoria Secret, Appletini body double mist.
I tried the shampoo & conditioner of this smell before too, it smelled really good but the conditioner wasn’t as effect (moisturizing ish?) as others.

Really really good chocolate kisses! They have macadamia nuts in them, but sadly it’s milk chocolate… not dark. It’s so addicting…. but my friend got it for me from Hawaii so i have to try to save it >_<

I also did my nails recently, I’ll take pictures of those soon and post it.  Until next time then ^^ ~


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