Weekly-daily outfits

Hm, i never know what to name the post titles… anways no school tomorrow for some development day, yay!  Just here to post my daily outfits (that i got good pictures of…), which is only like, 2 photos >_<:

Armani Exchange Top and American Eagle Skinny Jeans

Skelanimal Tank Top, hoodie from Macy’s, and a Paul Frank plaid skirt.

Tomorrow… i have a zither/guzheng mini performance.  A guzheng/zither is a traditional Chinese instrument and it looks like this:

It can have different patterns and stuff on the wood, but there’s usually 23 strings… i think >_> It’s super long and a pain to carry around but i really like the sound, like waterfalls.  Soo for the performance, we (our mini 8 people guzheng group) get to wear these pretty purple evening gown like dresses that we bought for our last performance. It’s soo pretty! I’ll post pictures of it tomorrow~ Lateer


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