Ahh… i might be getting sick T_T i really don’t wana be, especially with school and everything.  i ended up having to stand two hours outside in the rain with some friends for a volunteer event, and it was super cold!  trying to ‘fight the cold’ with some honey + water (my cousin says its supposed to help).
I really want to get photoshop!  but some of them are sooo expensive, like $1000 dollars!! i’m not even sure which one to get, because they all sound really useful.  i shall do research soon on that.

Eh, never procrastinate! It’s sooo bad -__- even though i’ve been, with my math hw and my AP European History class… i really should do it tonight but i only got 7 1/2 hours of sleep last night, and that’s waay to little for me.  I usually get 8-10 hours, even though i haven’t been lately.  *sigh* Feeling sick makes it worse.  

On another note, i’ll be updating with, hopefully, reviews on the Sephora products I got recently and show pictures of that pretty purple evening gown, and a tutorial maybe ^^ (Thats if… i don’t get too tired) Time to sleep soon~


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