New music obsession

In our Japanese class, we’ve been singing this song called キセキ (Kiseki) by GReeeeN.
Watch it: キセキ by GReeeeN

Our teacher was telling us something about GReeeeN being a 4 person group, and they’re all dentists or aspiring dentists. he said 3 graduated and are already professional dentists, and one is going to be one soon.  Our whole class was like o_O singing dentists…? Haha it was pretty amusing at first, especially after playing it the first time everyone was like….the rap part is so fast how are we going to sing it!  (Our teacher assigns a song once a month to sing at the end for as a ‘quiz’.  it’s supposed to help us read and be more fluent in japanese).

I might start updating also about recent songs i’ve been addicted to.  also, most songs on the playlist on this blog are songs that i either really like or are listening to a lot at the moment.  recently, i’ve been listening to the same three-four songs over and over again for the past week and a half…. 


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