Sephora Products Review

Okayy, onto the Sephora: Waterproof smoky creme Eyeliner and Sephora: Precious Silver Nano Eyeliner.

Waterproof smoky creme Eyeliner in Black (See it here.)

Sephora website says:
It is: A long-wearing, water-resistant, versatile eyeliner. And it is this buttery, smooth-gliding liner in a jar that is perfect for creating a variety of effects, from a fine line to lid-covering color. Whether your go thick, thin, smudged, or smoky, your look will last, from day to night.”

The impression:
I don’t exactly have the ‘right brush’ for it, but i use this really thin brush to apply it, so I can make wings and also to create a thinner line.  It works really well; the eyeliner is really smooth when you apply it.  If you apply the right amount, it doesn’t smudge onto your eyelid when you open your eyes right after you put it on.  But the part that isn’t as… ‘nice’ is where to put a brush for it since it doesn’t’ have a place to put a brush or somehow attach it onto the container.  Other than that the eyeliner is really nice, but i took half a point off because of the inconvenience of where to put the brush.



Precious Silver Nano Eyeliner (See it here.)

Sephora website says:
“It is a highly pigmented eye pencil. Sephora Brand Nano Eyeliner glides on smoothly and comfortably, creating a lovely line of color. Shea butter and rosemary extracts make this formula soft and easy to work with.”

The impression:
This eyeliner applies really smootly, and the color shows up pretty well.  When I used it, it also looks like it has some sparkles on it so when you apply it it’s more ‘bright’ looking.  I don’t really have any complaints using this pencil eyeliner.  It’s kinda pricey…$5 for a not even full length pencil eyeliner, but nothing I can do to change the price right? -_-



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