Outfits & Other updates! :)

It’s been almost a week since a last updated >_< Last week was pretty busy… and it will be this week too.  On wednesday we had to take the PSAT during school, and I had a zither and drum performance on Saturday + classes! Classes and the performance lasted from 10 am to 8 pm x_x  And i have another, probably final performance, this coming Sunday… But after that it’ll be less busy! Moving on to my daily outfits (even though i only got two good pictures…):

It was preschool day theme at our school, for spirit/homecoming week, so I decided to dress up.  
Wearing a Totoro T-shirt, and the skirt/sweatshirt I don’t remember where I got.  The shoes are Harajuku Lovers; a Beanie Baby bear~

The jacket is a store called Yishion; the skinny jeans and shirt on the inside is from American Eagle.

The rest of the outfit pictures for other days turned out super bad… I’ll try my best to take better photos next time!  And now, I’ll post some of the clothes that I really want:

Pastry Shoes!!  I really want another pair of hightops even though i have enough shoes…

See it here.

These are really cuute! I want them, or at least a pair of boots.  I really like the heart buckle part, but I wouldn’t buy them because they have heels and I can’t walk to school with heels >_<

See them here.

These flast are really adorable, with the bow.  But for some weird reason… to me, flats are kinda hard to walk on.  maybe i just need to get used to them.  In my opinion, i think the beige or pink ones look cute

See them here.

This cardigan!! I’ve been getting into/liking knit stuff more and more… but sadly i don’t own that much knit stuff.

See it here.

This ring is really cute and simple, i love the half crystal/fake diamond pattern.

See it here.

I wanted to order from Wholesale Dress but some people have said either that their orders were very satisfactory, or they just hated it.  So i’m not sure if i want to order from them or not…
Just recently, i stared wearing a butterfly pinky ring, and then… it broke T_T I think it was because I adjusted it wayy to many times and the fact that it wasn’t a pinky ring but actually a toe rong… caused it to break.  So i’m on the lookout for another ring.
I also want to order a pair of blue circle lenses, but i haven’t decided on which yet… i was considering the Geo Angel Blue, since i want a blue that shows really well and vibrant, however i don’t really care much on the enlargement…

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