Some daily outfits

Now i’m going to post just two of my oufits from this week!

Wearing a dark navy blue sweatshirt (it was a gift, sorta…), the skinny jeans from American Eagle,  purple high-tops from Puma, purple plaid scarf from Ross: Dress For Less, t-shirt (which you can’t see) is a Tokidoki t-shirt!

Wearing a black/gold top from Macy’s (with a white cami inside, wasn’t part of the top), black sweats from Target (hey it was on salee!), and the purple high-tops from Puma.  The black/gold top kept slipping over my shoulders… >_>

That’s all for now! The weekend is finally here, and my final performance (i hope) for zither, drums, and erhu is this sunday.  Soo happy my AP European History exam for today is over, but i sadly did terrible on it T_T even though i studed so hard yesterday!  Ahh, november is coming soon, and then december! I love the winter months, haha.  Well, time to snack and maybe nap~


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