This weekend has been soo busy!!  On saturday i had lessons/practice for guzheng (zither), erhu, and drums… from 10 am and got home at 6 pm. And then on sunday, i had to be at the performance place at 10 am, and then i got home at around 6 pm again… There was a lot of running around involved backstage for sound check, setting up, makeup, and doing hair.  And they had to put in a preconcert, making things busier. I have time to eat all day during that time! x_x

Okay so moving oon, to daily outfits:

Wearing a black Armani Exchange top and black skinny jeans.

Wearing a black dress like thing from China and tights (Sorry you can’t really see the dress >_<) But it’s knit on top and a different type of fabric with a lotta pockets.  I’ll post a better picture of the dress later.

Wearing a dark navy blue Banana Republic sweatshirt (that has random peachy bleach stains on it…), my American Eagle skinny jeans, and Puma high tops.

It was raining most of the day today, and pretty windy.  I really want to wear my flats for some of my outfits but it’s raining and i’m prone to falling >__< 

And this is my makeup/hair thing for Friday:

A pink and green bow hair clip 

Wearing my purple contacts, black liquid eyeliner, and black mascara.  I also have some of the e.l.f. tinted moisturizer on.

Sorry the lighting is weird D: You can’t really see the purpleness of my contacts… i’ll try to edit it or fix the lightning when i take the photo.


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