Nail Polish Removal Pad Review

Soo… along with my e.l.f. order came with Nail Polish Removal Pads.  I was planning to do my nails except, i kinda messed up and i had to do other stuff soo… i took it off since i only did one hand.  I decided to try out the nail polish removal pads.  They work pretty well! :)

E.l.f. Nail Polish Removal Pads (See it here.)

E.l.f. websites said:
“These convenient pads quickly and easily remove nail polish without the mess associated with bottled remover. Citrus scent and gentle formula leave nails fresh and soft.”

The impression:
I think this is pretty cool, it’s convenient and it doesn’t smell like the nail polish.  Like the site says, it does smell more citrus-ie and cleans my nails pretty well. I can’t tell if my nails are soft or not, but they are nail-polish free!


Ahh, that’s it for now~ I’ll post some stuff hopefully tomorrow!

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