Tokyo Look Book

Ahh, so i just wanted to share some pages from the Tokyo Look Book by Philomena Keet (photography by Yuri Manabe) and America’s Next Top Model: Fierce Guide to Life by JE Bright.

From Tokyo Look Book


Decora style! It’s so cute; a lot of accessories, sanrio/san-x stuff, and realllyy colorful! The only think i don’t like, at least in this one, is that it’s super pink…

I don’t know why, but i love this picture sooo much! I think it’s goth lolita… really love the wig/hair.

I love kimonos! I really want one >_< but they’re expensive

I like the hair (the high bun on the far left), and the crepes! Craving crepes *jealous*

I like her knit/wool like pants… but isn’t it cold to wear short pants without leggings or something and high boots?

That’s it from the Tokyo Look Book, i’ll update tomorrow or soon with some tips i got from the America’s Next Top Model: Fierce Guide to Life book.
Two hour early dismissal from school tomorrow! Getting sushi and dessert with my friends :3 I’ve been wanting sushi soo bad, and yakisoba, udon… etc. another good thing, my cousin helped me order circle lenses!! i can’t wait to get them….!  the site didn’t have my prescription :( time to look for other places…..

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