America’s Next Top Model Book

Time to update with some tips on body, skincare, and teeth (the hygiene stuff) from the America’s Next Top Model book by JE Bright!

Too big- Dark clothing creates an illusion of being thinner; but make sure clothes aren’t too tight or baggy so they can show off your curves without being revealing!
Too short- Wearing baggy or long clothes makes you look even shorter.  To make your legs seem long, wear a shorter skirt.  It helps to unify your outfit with a single color too.
Too tall- Longer shirts and high boots help make your legs seem… not as long.  Horizontal stripes and other defined color boundaries between the top and bottom can make you look less ‘towering’.
Too flat- Beside using a padded bra, you can add layers, pockets, details on the upper area, and fitted shirts.  Try to avoid low necklines, and instead try boatnecks, jewelnecks, or sweet-heart style collars.
Too busty- Try wearing v-necks or open collar shirts; longer sleeves move the focus away.
Too hippy- Wearing straight legged pants or other pants (with or without designs) that don’t emphaszie your hips.  Dark solid colors on the bottom and lighter tops on top draw attention away from the bottom.  And also avoid pleated pants.

Avoid the sun- Protect your skin from the sun with sunscreen and remember to reapply if you’re staying out in the sun for a long time! (in my opinion… some sun is good for your skin though.  just don’t bake in it all day!)
Clean your face gently- Hot water removes oils and drys your skin, and when showering try to use warm water! Strong soaps and hot water can strip oils, and also don’t stay in the shower too long.  When removing makeup, do it carefully so you don’t damage your skin.
Moisturize- Remember to moisturize after washing, before applying makeup, and if your skin feels ‘tight’.
Don’t smoke- It stops blood from flowing properly and can give you wrinkles! (And it’s also bad for your overall health…So don’t smoke!!)

Remember to brush at least twice a day (morning and night) and floss daily!  If you can, also use mouthwash since it can help kill germs and make your breath smell mintyy.
If your teeth aren’t super white, either get the professionally done or whiten them on your own.  (Although… i’ve heard too much whitening treatment can make your teeth more sensitive?)
If your teeth aren’t suuuper straight and you want them to be, you can get braces or surgey… but those can be really costly!

I’ll update another day with tips for makeup, nails, etc. ^^ And i really want to share my pictures of food i had today! But i don’t have my camera usb cord… so i’ll do that soon too!  Time to eat dinner and…. study?

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