It’s November!

Hi everyone it’s november 1st! ^^  How was your Halloween/Trick or Treating? Mm i wished i went trick or treating but i’d rather stay indoors and eat dessert and candy haha.  It was raining slightly yesterday… and pouring this morning!  I also went to the piers during the weekend; sad thing my camera battery died right when i got there D: so i took pictures with my phone, which i’ll update later!  And sadly… i can’t find my camera cable so i’ll do that later too!

But now, i’ll update with my recent daily outfits:

I’m wearing my Aeropostale sweatshirt, black knit scarf, Only (a brand in China) Jeans, and Black and White Adidas Bounce Shoes.

These are my giraffe earings.

My heart necklace from Daiso!

Pink chandelier earrings from Claire’s.  And wearing sapphire studs on top.

The long-sleeve white blouse, and skirt is from Bodyline, and the socks from BTSSB. (I’ll check to make suure!)  I actually wore this to school on friday.

The red/black plaid bow with a gold locket/key hanging ou it.  The skirt is kind of like a corset/high waisted… im not sure how to describe it.

I’ll update again… soon hopefully, tomorrow! 
And i reallyyy want to order pink, red, and blue circle lenses!!

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