Late updates!

Hi! Sorry i haven’t been posting in a while… i had tests for three classes on thursday and friday of last week and it was the end of first quarter!  I’ll start with updates that i should have done a longg time ago, starting with pictures from Pike Place Market:

A sticker/poster thing on the walls in alleys in the market.

Another poster/sticker thing!

Cheese in the market.

Ice cream!  i bought ice cream there, it was okay more like ice-like ice cream… creamy ice thing.  I got the rasberry sorbet flavor, it was pretty good though!

These cheesecakes and cheesecake truffles looked sooo yummy! Too bad i didn’t get any that day, maybe another day.

And just a random Halloween outfit picture, of the outfit i actually wore on Halloween:

A purple corset with chains from Hot Topic and a black skirt with black boots from Love Culture.

Also, this weekend i went up to Canada and also went to take pictures with my friend!  Here’s some photos from Canada:

Adorable squirrel!  It went into the garbage can and got a nut, which it was munching on :)

I really like this photo! It’s of glass, with rain and the dark spots are trees and leaves.

Photos i took with my friend:

In the butterfly house

In the butterfly house again

Space Needle

Pretty reflection of the sky on the EMP in the Science Center/Space Needle area


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