>__< another late post on my daily outfits and nails… well i’ll start with the outfits!

Accessory: Blue/White Marbled Heart Necklace that i got in Italy :) and below is a star/ball bracelet from China

Wearing: American Eagle Shirt, Target Sweats, Purple/White Plaid Scarf, and my black/white Adidas!  I love those shoes haha.

Accessory: Star/Moon Necklace.  It looks like two necklaces kinda, but it’s actually one..

Wearing: Love Culture Grey Knit Longsleeve, Harajuku Lovers Shoes, and jeans that i ‘adjusted’. I flipped them inside out, bleached the sides, made the flare jeans into skinny jeans, ripped it, sewed..sowed… ( i’m not sure which one it is! ) a heart, and splashed nail polish on it ^^

Wearing: American Eagle Navy Blue Longsleeve, dark grey/black ish jeans, purple plaid scarf, and black/white Adidas. (not wearing the shoes now though..)

Next is the nails:

I found newspaper nails really cool! So i tried to do it myself… but some of it kind of smudged/messed up.

For newspaper nails, it’s better to use a lighter color polish so you can see the print.  Basically, you apply base and the color of polish you want.  When the polish is dry, put rubbing alcohol on the nail and put a strip of newspaper on it.  For me, it worked better when i also put some rubbing alcohol on the newspaper too.  Then remove the newspaper, and apply top coat.  donee!

This is the nail polish i used as the color for the newspaper nails.

This week i tried doing a gradient, using the colors purple, blue, and pink.  Sadly… you can’t really see the blue or pink sometimes because the blue and purple just mixed together >_<

For gradient nails, I just used a sponge and dabbed the nail polish color on the sponge.  Then I put that color using the sponge on my nail, and repeated for the two other colors.  But each next color, use up less of the nail so a little of the previous color shows.  On top, I used top coat and sparkles!

These are the nail polishes i used for the gradient.


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