First snow!

:) Today was the first snowfall of the year! Although it didn’t stick or snow long…. that means more snow is coming. Hehe i’m so excited!! This is going to be a suuuper long update, to make up for the days that i didn’t have time to blog.  I’ll start with some pictures from the December 2010 issue of Elle Magazine:

The cover; Jessica Alba in this issue.

Michael Kors ad, showing these REALLY pretty boots… i love Michael Kor ads, they have such nice photographs

Elle Fashion Trends: ‘Faith No More’- Somber dresses, dramatic capes, and cross bearing accessories conjure Lord Byron’s dark romanticism.

Elle Fashion Trends: ‘Royal Blood’- Resurrect Queen Margot of France’s scandalous reign with crimson-dripped jewels and dresses.

Elle Fashion Trends: ‘Flirt Alert’- Flaunt the season’s sexy ’70s look and embody the style of legendary photographer Guy Bourdin.

Elle Fashion Trends: ‘Eastern Promises’- Arm yourself for murder on the Orient Express with obi belts, Chinese silk, and Japanese woodblock prints.

Elle Fashion Trends: ‘Lucky Charms’- Toast Jame Joyce’s emerald isle in resorts’ Irish-inspired beauties.

Elle Fashion Trends: ‘Hot Spots’- Dan Colen’s bubblegum canvases evoke spring’s confetti prints and accessories.

Elle Fashion Accessories: ‘Foot Petals’- Step lively in vibrant line-drawn floral flats.

Elle Fashion Accessories: ‘High Art’- Elevate your foot in the new color-block slingbacks.

Elle Fashion Accessories: ‘Rio Grand’- Ornamented raffia and tweed box bags shine like the South American sun.

Elle Fashion Accessories: ‘On-Edge Wedge’- An electrifying take on the Espadrille plays high and seek.

Elle Fashion Accessories: ‘Good Sport’- Beachy lanyards with beaded net is the season’s most brilliant mash-up.

Elle Fashion Accessories: ‘Desert Heat’- Make your own oasis in Sahara-inspired sandals.

Jessica Alba! I love the gown she’s wearing, so pretty!

Honestly, the trends shown in this issue doesn’t look like things people would wear during the winter… especially since it’s so cold here!  It looks more like a spring fashion trend o.o  But a lot of the clothes are still pretty though!


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