More from Top Model Book!

I’m finally updating with tips from the America’s Next Top Model book by JE Bright!


~Basics for applying makeup:
1.  Clean your face and neck with a cream-base cleanser.
2.  Apply a water-base moisturizer.
3.  Dab concealer onto the places you want to conceal.  Use a yellow-base concealer in a color about 3-shades lighter than your skin tone.  You can also use that same concealer to lighten the areas under your eyes, or other ‘problem areas’.
4.  Use a foundation that matches your skin color exactly.  Test it to make sure it blends it (you want it to look like you’re not wearing foundation).  Spread the foundation evenly over the face and neck.
5.  Apply the same color powder as the foundation to create a matte finish.  Use powder a shade lighter under the eyes to help lighten dark circles.
6.  Apply blush in a darker color than your foundation.  When using powder blush, start from your earlobe and sweep down your cheekbone to the apple of your cheek.  Lighter colored blush can be used along with darker blush to create highlights.  Experiment to find what looks best for you!
7.  For a smooth look, add a sweep of translucent powder.
8.  Apply eye makeup in this order: eyeshadow, eyeliner, then mascara.
9.  Apply lipstick using a lip brush.  If you use lip liner, use the same shade as your lipstick or one that compliments that color.

~Applying Eye Shadow
1.  Select a base shadow in a neutral color (i.e. taupe or pearl).  Sweep this base color across your entire lid.
2.  Choose a complementary medium shade for your lower lids.
3.  Using a smaller brush, follow the crease of your lid with a complementary dark shade to highlight.
4.  Blend the three colors with an eye-shadow brush.  Avoid using your finger, because it can wipe off or smudge the shadow.
5.  To tone the makeup down, use a cotton ball/cosmetic puff and press it gently on your eyelid.

~Applying Eyeliner
1.  Pick up the eyeliner and close one eye.  Don’t hold the eye closed with a finger or pull on the lid.
2.  Place the tip of the eyeliner at the inner corner of your upper eyelid, and draw a smooth line as close to your eyelashes as possible, toward the outer corner.  (It’s okay to use short strokes.) Draw the line thinner at the inner corner, and thicker at the outer corner.
3.  Place the eyeliner tip under the bottom lashes at the outer corner of the eye, and draw your second line along the lash line toward the inner corner.  (Again, the line is thicker at the outer corner, and thinner toward the inner corner.  Not everyone applies eyeliner on the bottom too.)
4.  For a softer look, smudge the line gently with a small makeup brush or your fingertip.
5.  Repeat on your other eye.

For your eyelashes, you can curl them with an eyelash curler.  And to make them appear longer, you can use mascara.  Make sure to use the curler before mascara, or after your mascara is completely dry.  You can warm up your curler with a hair dryer to make it more effective.
Black mascara works well with almost everyone, but blondes should use dark brown for the day, and black at night.  Blue mascara can brighten blue eys, and purple can make brown eyes shine.
To remove clumps, brush your lashes with the wand to loosen any bunching.
Some people enjoy using false eyelashes, to make their eyelashes look longer.

I might update again, with more random tips from this book! :)


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