No heat!! :0

So.. currently where i live it is 23 degrees F… and my dad just told me our thermostat is fried, which means we have no heat at home! D: It’s snowing outside, and super cold inside… and now, yay, we have no heat.  Good thing my dad found a portable heater! But it’s not very…warming; it’s super old. ~_~

We had a early dismissal today at school because of expected snow in the afternoon.   It pretty much snowed all day, except for some breaks between!  It’s been a mixture of a lotta wind and snow.  When i got home, there were several cars stuck going up the hill where i live because of the ice… I think some people pushed a couple cars up the hill!  A lot of my friends and people at our school really hope there’s no school tomorrow, but I honestly want school? Weird i know haha, but i’d rather just get the homework and learn something instead of bum around at home freezing…..

But if we have another early dismissal or no school, i might post a tutorial or something maybe? :P  Hope i don’t freeze tomorrow, carrying my violin to school and all i have is fingerless gloves (yes, fingerless gloves aren’t very helpful in the snow)…  Dinner and tv time now!

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