Holiday trends

It’s finally december! :) And it’s fridayy.  Winter break soon! but that also probably means lots and lots of homework… I recieved my taobao order the other day, and i’ll post up pictures in the next couple days of the two boots that i got!

Soo, I’ve been looking at the “look of the day” on Instyle.  I’ll share some I thought were really nice outfits this week or so:

11.24- Kim Kardashian:

I really like her outfit!

11.26- Halle Berry

It looks really nice, since it fits perfectly. And i love the color of her dress!

11.29- Leighton Meester

I love the black dress! It looks so simple and her shoes look nice with it.

12.02- Katy Perry

I saw her wearing this dress while watching the Grammy Nominations, and i thought the color looked really nice on her!

12.03- Lea Michele

I loove the simplicity of this dress, and the ruffle-things on the bottom of the dress!

That’s it for now; i’ll update soon with pictures of my boots from Taobao!

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