Boots and Holga!

I’m finally posting pictures of my boots and my holga! :)

The Holga 35mm Camera!

The camera and the stuff that came with it in the box


The beige colored ones (Front view)
they’re made out of something like…suede?

(Side view)
it has this weird cord thing that wraps around, it’s kinda cute but awkwardly ties…. 

I haven’t worn these out yet, so scared of getting them dirty! But when i tried it on and walked around in it, it’s pretty comfortable; they’re flat boots too.  And i also like how they look because they’re slouchy boots! I just hope when i wear them it won’t start raining….

The black ones (Front view)
(it was probably a bad idea to take the picture in part black background but…. i didn’t realize to after >_<)
also made of something like suede…

(Side view)
It has this attachable ribbon thing that you can tie around the boots, but the bow is really loose…. 

I really love how these boots look, because you can roll the top down and make the boots seem lower (below the knee) or right at the knee.  The picture on Taobao showed it was over the knee, but it’s just at my knee when i wear it… so that’s a slight disappointment.  And i wish the bow was sewn on tighter… But other than that, i really like the boots! It has a slight heel, and the material is really soft!

Honestly, i can’t decide which boots i like more….but i’m more scared of wearing the beige ones since they can get dirtier easier >_< And i haven’t tried my holga camera yet… but i’m so excited when i do! That’s it for today~

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