merry Christmas! :)

Merry christmas everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays ^^

Sorry for the lack of updating… haven’t really been on the computer too much and i went skiing for the past couple days.  It was really fun, the second day i was there, there was 14 inches of snowfall! i tried learning snowboarding; found out it’s not really my thing because i can’t balance that well – -;;  And now i’m super sore from skiing and boarding… But it was really fun!

Now for updates. Look of the Day from Instyle!

12.21- Kerry Washington

Loove the shoes and top! Actually, i just love the whole outfit


Angelina Jolie
I like the halter part and it looks really nice on her!

Taylor Swift
Love the split in the dress, so prettyy!

Can you believe it? One more week until 2011! This year went by pretty fast… didn’t it?
I’ll hopefully post again tomorrow or the next couple days, but definitely before the new year! :)


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