Candy Swirl Lens Review!

As promised i’m doing my Dueba Candy Swirl Pink and Blue lens review~ 

But first off, it’s finally the weekend! I would say yay freedom, but I have a performance tomorrow for my guzheng and erhu and then practice after -__-… It takes up my whole Saturday, and then Sunday would be reserved for homework.  Not that fun but hey, it might snow apparently?  Anyways, i’ll do the review now!

Dueba Candy Swirl Blue

These lens are really comfortable, i wore them all day at school the other day.  But towards the end of the day it got a little dry… but otherwise no problems with them!  I love the color, the blue is really noticeable with proper lighting.  (Our classes are kinda dark so my friends kept thinking it was black -_-) The diameter of the lens is 16mm; kind of big for my preference since i care more about the color but otherwise okay.
Overall i’d give these lens a 9/10 because i love the color and it doesn’t irritate my eyes, but they’re just slightly too big for me.  

Dueba Candy Swirl Pink

I love, love, love these lens! After seeing pink lens, I’ve always wanted to have a pair.  It looks just slightly unnatural, especially when there’s bright lighting on it.  However my friends couldn’t really tell that they were pink lens.  Again, they have a 16mm diameter like my Dueba Candy Swirl blue… so i don’t really love how big the lens are.  But they’re also really comfortable, and i wore them all day at school today.
I’d give these lens a 9.5/10 since they are reallyy comfortable and i love absolutely love the color… and again, i just don’t really like how super big they are.  I’m probably going to wear these more than my blue circle lens ^^

I’ll post more pictures in the future with me wearing the lens, but thats it for now! 


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