So determined!

Sorry for not posting in a week! >_< I’m going to make sure i update at least once everyday, or every other day… So how’s everyone doing?
Well, recently i’ve been motivated to starting blogging more! I don’t really know why i suddenly got motivated, but seeing other’s blogs really made me think that I really should too.  I’ve also been on LookBook and other sites, and have seen sooo many nice outfits!  So to start off, I’ll just post up some pictures of really cute outfits/clothes~

Sandra Bullock at the Golden Globe Awards 2011!
I really love her new look of full bangs, and i think it looks really nice on her!  Although i’m not a big fan of sheer material, this dress looks really good

Kim Kardashian
This was the look of the day on Instyle, on January 5th.
I think the floral dress is really cute

Kim Kardashian (again)
This is what she wore at the People’s Choice Awards.
I just love the pattern of the dress

Nina Dobrev at the Emmys in 2010
I love the one sided-sleeve dress, and how it drapes down, and the material looks so nice!

Kristen Bell at the Golden Globe of 2010.
The bow on the dress is just so… cute!

Catherine Zeta-Jones at Golden Globe Awards 2011.
Not a big fan of the emerald green color, but i think she pulled it off really well! And i love the ruffles on the bottom of the dress

Katie Lee at the Golden Globe Awards 2011.
Personally, i don’t wear bright colors like yellow… but I think this really suits her, and i like how it looks like a halter top~ 

Olivia Wilde at the Golden Globe Awards 2011.
I really love the sparkles and the color… basically everything about this dress!

That’s it for today! ^^ Food time now~


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