Want more clothes!

*sigh* I just want more clothes… or shoes… But why oh why do clothes that i really like have to be expensive? Haha. Whenever I’m looking at Instyle or Elle magazines, and then i see these really cute outfits, coats, heels, etc… but they’re so expensive!! -__-

These are just some of the clothes that i really want, that i can think of now:

Letterman Jacket!
Okay maybe i can do without the Yankees symbol but, i really do want a letterman jacket.
Last time i saw one in the magazine, it was like $100 D:

Suede Gladiators
I’ve always wondered; doesn’t suede attract heat? And gladiators are for summer right? Anyways, i’ve always thought these were pretty cute… the suede part and the wrap around the ankle.

Stackable Rings
Ahh… I’ve wanted stackable rings since forever! They’re just so cute and everything. I’ve seen really cute ones online, at Urban Outfitters, and other sites but i haven’t seen any cute ones in store… 

(Found this picture from Google, and i just love the crown)

High Tops!!
I really just want more high tops but… I love love love Tokidoki stuff!

Another picture of Tokidoki high tops

All i could think of for now, but i’m pretty sure there’s a lot more things that i want >_< The temptations… haha.  That’s it for now!


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