Random: Inspirational models

This is just a random post… some models i can think of now that are really inspirational/pretty~

Kim Kardashian!
Her hair is just sooo… pretty! It’s so long.. trying to grow my hair out D:

Jennifer Lopez
She’s just so pretty!

Jessica Alba
I love her bangs like this, and her hair and just… yeahh

Lee Hyori
I love her eurasian look, and she’s so talented!

Heidi Klum
I admire her soo much! Victoria Secret model and she was pregnant before tooo :O

Probably a lot of other models that i really admire but.. that’s all i could think of right now -_- They just have such nice skin complexion and fashion!
Can you believe it’s already almost the weekend?! Soo excited, but then i have finals the following week… And i’m sorry i haven’t been posting much on makeup/outfits because I keep forgetting to take pictures of my outfits and i haven’t been putting on makeup to school >_< I’ll try harder tho! Bye bye~


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