Finals! D:

Sorry sorry for not posting like i said i would >_< but this week is finals week! Meaning study study study… especially for my AP European History class!  Just yesterday i went to the Burke Museum, to do a paper on an exhibit for my Language Arts class.  It was actually pretty interesting, because they had a featured Weaving Heritage exhibit, and it displayed textile pieces from all over the world! I loved looking at the kimonos and designs on the blankets/rugs.

This is just some of my favorite Instyle Look of the Day outfits recently:
Jan. 19

Leighton Meester
The dress line is really low… but i like the subtle change in color in the dress and the sparkles

Mila Kunis
Love the dress; it looks so cute, semiformal, but also really simple

January 22

Kim Kardashian
What can i say, i just love Kim Kardashian haha.  But her outfit is really cute

Jan. 23

Jessica Alba
I really like the jacket she’s wearing… kinda wish i had a jacket like that

Jan. 24

Leighton Meester
The dress looks so elegant!! I just love it

And currently, I’m obsessed with the band Valencia; they’re an American alternative rock/punk band.  My friend has the Dancing with the Ghost CD, and lent it to me.  I love most of the songs on that CD.

1/ Dancing with a Ghost
2/ Spinning out
3/ Still Need You Around (Lost Without You)
4/ Consider me Dead
5/ Losing Sleep
6/ Friday Night
7/ Somewhere I Belong
8/ Days Go By
9/ The Way
10/ Stop Searching
11/ Pieces

Soo on the CD track list, there wasn’t an 11th track, but on the CD there is.  According to the lovely internet, the additional track is called ‘Pieces’.  It’s actually not a bad song but it doesn’t start until almost two minutes after the song is playing…. 
My favorite songs on it are Dancing with a Ghost, Spinning Out, Still Need You Around (Lost Without You), and Friday Night

That’s it for now, later~


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