First i want to say thanks for the goodluck wishes on the finals! ^^ Some of my teachers have already put up the exam results; i passed most of them i think.. and hope.  And no school tomorrow; a relaxing day, and time to hang out with my friend!  Picture taking i think and just chillin~

Okaay onto an inspiring outfit photos and a dresss~

Photo from Elle: Street Fashion 
Cute outfit, especially the over the knee boots!

Photo from WeHeartIt
This dress is just… oh my god!! The color, the mermaid shape, and then the ruffle like thing at the bottom.  And then there’s the lace design along the side >_<
I just love these kind of dresses… semi formal/formal ones.  Just so elegant and pretty!

Sorry for such a short post. But i’ll update soon with more! I haven’t uploaded any photos from my camera yet so nothing to share…
Also, if you have an ideas or anything you want me to post more of, please share! ^^

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