Can’t wait!

Oh, it’s February! Recently, i went with my friend to buy tickets to a concert on four nine! Can’t wait, the bands: Runner Runner, A Rocket To The Moon, Valencia, Go Radio, and Anarbor.  I can’t wait to see them live!

Instyle Look of the Day:

February 4- Dianna Agron
The black dress looks really classy

February 5- Heidi Klum
I love the over-the-knee boots! And the zebra pattern is nice~

February 6- Kim Kardashian
I like the necklace, i really want one that has a long chain!

February 6- Minka Kelly
This is the actual LOTD for today, and i really love this dress.  Makes me want summer to get here faster!

Anddd, i’m getting new lens for my camera! ^^ The 50mm f/1.4! So excited to get it, and i finally went to develop my first roll of film from my holga.  I’m pretty sure half the pictures are going to turn out black – -”… because i kept forgetting to take off the lens cap, yeahh kinda stupid i know.  But i can’t wait to see what the effect of the holga is on my pictures!

And i keep looking at formal dresses >_< They’re just so pretty! I love mermaid dresses… and halters… and a lot of other ones.  

Okay so maybe this is a wedding dress… but still! The ruffles, the lace/texture on the dress… everything about it is just so pretty~

This is really pretty too.. i love the sparkles!

Okay so maybe i don’t have many photos of formal dresses but anyways, they’re so pretty!  And that’s it for now ~


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