What’s coming up? ;)

And… Valentine’s Day is coming up~ Anyone doing anything special? ^^

My friend’s have been complaining since valentine’s is on a weekday/school day.. but honestly i don’t mind at all haha.  If it’s on a weekend i’ll either have classes or a pile of homework to do and never go out -__-  Even though i’m probably not going anywhere this year, but still! You can always request any other tutorials for make up too! And any other things you want me to post more of :)

Saturday, i have another performance for guzheng and for chinese orchestra, and i’m so excited that i get to wear the purple dress!  Maybe this time i’ll remember to post a picture of the dress >_< Hopefully, next school week is going to be easy since it’s the week before midwinter break!  Going to Whistler, Canada to skii for a couple days, i’m super excited since i’ve never been and i haven’t gone skiing in so long.

Look of the Day for Instyle:

February 7
Renee Zellweger
This dress is really pretty, especially the abstract gold sparklie-lines on it!

February 9
Jennifer Aniston
In my opinion… i don’t really like the bottom part of the dress since it’s see through, but it’s interesting because it’s different from other styles

February 10
Dianna Agron
This dress is really cute, especially when it’s accompanied with the clutch purse!

February 10
Rose Byrne
I love halter tops! And the dress material itself looks reaaaally soft


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