Happy Valentines!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! ^^  my boyfriend got me this~

See’s Candies!

I ate two of the chocolates already, shhh.  They’re actually pretty yummy, despite being milk chocolate haha.

And he got me a 4gb memory card for my camera, so romantic haha.  But super thoughtful of him, since he knew i only have a 1gb memory card for my camera.. and it doesn’t hold a lot of photos.  I made him some snickerdoodle cookies.

Ahhh… one more week of school and then midwinter break! I can’t wait for no school, but I wish break was longer so i can hang out with friends more! Moving on, I got my Instyle Magazine for this month!  I’ll post up pictures of it soon, sometime this week hopefully! But for now, Look of the Days!

February 12: Kim Kardashian
Haha yes, Kardashian again! The coat is cute; studs… they seem to be coming back in style now.  I seem to see them on a lot of things nowadays, like shoes.

February 14: Emma Stone
I think the color is really pretty and vibrant, and the matching belt and gold clutch is nice!

February 14: Jessica Alba
Again, the color is really pretty! It’s not the typical blue colored dress

February 14: Thandie Newton
I’m not super fond of the color pink…. or floral prints? Even though this isn’t really floral, i realy like the pattern on this dress and the style, the ruffles?

Jennifer Hudson is so pretty! I saw her on the Grammy’s on tv last night; in case you don’t know, she’s the second from the left! 

And that’s it for today! Hope today was a fun and special day for everyone :) 


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