Daily makeup stuff~

Sooo so sorry >_< I’ve been procrastinating on blogging… meh.  But this week is midwinter break for me; not very eventful so far, but it’s just the beginning!  Leaving to Whistler skiing this Wednesday night!  Hope there’s lots of fresh snow and yeaah, I’ve never been there so i hope it’s fun. 

These days i haven’t really been using makeup… not that i usually use makeup often anyways. But these things are basically what i use whenever i use makeup now:

Shiseido Foundation- Odd but i don’t really like foundation… don’t really know why though.
Lancome Eyeshadow Quad- Can’t really tell from the picture but it’s white, pink, brown, and gold.  I usually use the gold and pink combined.
Victoria Secret Mascara- It’s the indigo blue color.  I use black sometimes but i find using other colors interesting and fun~

And i really want to try these! :

my Tokidoki and Ulta eyeliner!

Blah, i don’t really use eyeliner nowadays… just because i don’t have primer x_x and then the eyeliner smudges after a while…  But tokidoki!!

And my lovely friend, her birthday was the beginning of the month and i got her stackable rings for a present!  But she doesn’t like one of the rings, and is letting me wear it! ^^ Here’s a picture of it

The bow ring~  And that’s my mood ring under haha.  I just love rings a lot…. i want more!

I’m only slighty obsessed with rings, i swear! Lol (such lies i know -__-“) I’ll try harder to take outfit photos.. Later!


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