Tsk tsk.. I know!

Why oh why have i been so lazy? -__-” Lol, i don’t really know why but i haven’t had the motivation or urge to do much really… let alone blog. I haven’t really taken any photos and not much has been done because I just feel so lazy in the morning. Haha, i swear i’ll try harder! But that’s gona a lot harder now cause I have to start studying for my AP European History exam and SAT.. although the exams are about two or three months away, i have to cram in all this info i’ve learned from the beginning of the year D:

Anywaaays! I’ll hopefully get around to taking some outfit or makeup pictures! ^^  But for now, these are some Instyle pictures and just some random photos i took:

Instyle Look of the Days:

Kim Kardashian!

Halle Berry

I love the color, design and material of the dress! It looks really nice on her~

Mila Kunis

The dress looks kinda like the same material as the Halle Berry dress.  I like the color, it’s like a lavendar ish color :O

Charlize Theron

I like the style of the dress; it also looks very simple and elegant

Vanessa Hudgens
I really like the color of the dress (thing?) and the contrast with the background :p

Random pictures~
My mini totoro keychain! :3
And a bunch of candy hehe

My ticket to see the musical: Next to Normal.  I saw it at the 5th Avenue Theatre in downtown… the inside of that theatre is so pretty and grand looking!

Thats it for now! :)

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