So many things to do . . .

Ahh . . . why oh why is there so many things to do in life? -__- Like seriously lol.  I have those exams, and yeah school stuff.  In my small attempt to graduate early, there seems like there’s so many things to accomplish by the end of the year.  It always seems like there’s so much time to do things but then when deadlines get closer . . . i dont even know, it’s just all blah.  And i haven’t really had any motivation to do anything in particular D: hence less blogging, meh.

Anyways, i was thinking of changing my layout again but i’m not really sure to what . . . I want something more simpler? Not really sure yet but yeaah.  Spring is here! I can’t wait to wear more spring(ie)/summer clothes.  But the weather here is cold but sunny, which always messes me up in choosing outfits -_- But, tons to update on! Okay not really but anywaays

My aunt came to visit from China and she bought me some really cute earrings and a winter hat!

I swear they’re all so cutee! I dont really particularly like the earrings with heels on it but it’s okay i guess, especially since i LOVE shoes so much.  I like almost any type of shoes . . . heels to hightops! ^^;; Gah, i want so much. I really like the kitty earrings though, i might start wearing and changing my earrings more often >_<

Spring is definitely here! I hear birds chirping in the morning and it’s getting more sunny.  Here’s a picture i took when i was out with my friend:

Cherry blossoms! I love them soo much, they’re so pretty~

Hmm . . . what else is there? Oh, I finaaallly tried out the Tokidoki eyeliner and i’ll do a review on that! (Super late i know -__-“)


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