AH! Where’d the sun go

Super sad face. /dislike\ The sun was here for like a couple days, and then it disappeared! And i was so excited for the warmer weather and getting my more spring-ie clothes out :O Meh i guess not anytime soon cause it’s raining all this week . . . 
Soo, i realized i want to change my wardrobe.  Not really my style, but a wider range of clothes.  I’m still into the non-girlie ish still, but i want more patterns in clothes! Totally not into pink frills and lace buuut -_- Yeah! Like i said tho, i want more patterns like: floral, stripes, etc.  I just noticed that my clothes are like… “too much black and greys!!” So i want to mix it up.  (Totally random thoughts).

Anyways, this weekend i went to the Vera Project and saw David Choi perform! I didn’t really know about him until this concert, because my friend happens to volunteer there.  I was like, oh he sounds interesting. *youtube searching . . . * And i was like wow, i really like his voice and singing!  I was so surprised at how small he was :O He’s probably an inch shorter than me?  I was like whoooa, but i love his voice and songs!

David Choi playing the guitar and singing

He’s so cute! LOL.  But he really is, he was talking to himself while he was video recording the audience.  And he just makes really funny and random comments haha. Meh, I recorded some of his singing but the audio is kinda bad -__-” Blah, i’ll probably play around with the video and then upload it in the next post! The performance was kinda long; show started around 7:30 with some volunteer guest playing, and David Choi palying from 8:30 ish – 10:45? And then there was meet and greet but i didn’t stay D: Sigh . . . I shall get his CD!!

Moving on, i got this Clinique Acne Solutions Clear Skin System.  It’s a 3-step solution, with two lotions and a facial cleaner.  I have random breakouts . . . -_- oh the fun.  And yeah, i’ll post up how it works!

Dangit.  It’s this late already, ugh gotta sleep and school tomorrow D: And i was going to update on my Glamour and Vogue magazines . . . Blah I guess i’ll do it tomorrow.  


2 thoughts on “AH! Where’d the sun go

  1. ahah DC is the YT singer known for never smiling right ^_^? I have a soft spot form emo-esque boys so I probably would've been fangirling over him if I saw him irl eheh I think it'd be cool to meet someone from YT one day~ D

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