Spring Fashion Trends.

As promised, i shall post up some pictures from my Vogue and Glamour magazine! ^^

Vogue Cover w. Lady Gaga
March Issue

Ann Taylor ad, featuring Katie Holmes
I think she’s just so pretty! I love her hair in this picture especially

Vera Wang ad.
I think the dress looks really nice o.o it looks nice like . . . i don’t know, the way it’s draped and the color of the dress is just fabulous
Gwen Stefani for L’Oreal Paris ad
In my opinion, i think the bold red lipstick is too bold for spring time.  I like coral or light pink colors; red lipstick reminds me of fancy evening night outs.

It’s the spring trends, the banana & fruit patterns  on clothing.  I think it’s kinda weird to have fruits on your outfit . . . or patterned fruits, but anywaays.
 FLASH: It Girl- Catherin Middleton

FLASH: Hide and Chic

FLASH: International Relations

 Surface To Air
Go Local, Look Global.
I really like the idea of incorporating other culture’s into outfits/fashion cause it looks pretty~
Emma Watson
Ah she’s so pretty, and she looks good with her pixie cut!!

 Hm . . . it seems bold eyebrows are seeing a comeback?
 The makeup looks so exotic & wild!
 Lady Gaga
I don’t really like the photos they shot of Lady Gaga, but her clothes definitely show how out-there she is in terms of fashion!
Lady Gaga

The Rhapsodic.
I love the new trend of florals, that shows larger flower-prints instead of tiny flower-prints

The combo of the belt and the skirt looks really nice!

I really like the print and colors of the dress :O 

The dress on the far right! The white one ^^ It’s so pretty, alon gwith the gold sash and belt thing in the middle . . . i seem to like the combination of gold & black / gold & white on some things

Hm . . . i guess i’ll post the Glamour magazine shots later. Got to go cook now for my class, fried rice! But the recipe is so weird o.o it requires cornstarch and garlic powder? Lol, i find that extremely odd since i’ve never seen my mom or grandparents make fried rice with those ingredients.  Hope everyone’s having a nice week! :)

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