Glamour: March – May!

Okay Glamour magazine pictures! I have pictures from the issues of March through May:

March 2011 Cover with Diana Kruger
I think Diana Kruger is pretty but i just ever so slightly disliked her photoshoot in this issue . . . 

Cute Cover Clothes for Under $100
Is it just me or is $100 still a lot of money? -__- anyways, I still want a motorcycle jacket but it’s never gona happen (I swear) cause the really nice ones are so expensive . . . 

April 2011 cover with Kate Winslet
Since i’m so not up-to-date with celebrities -_- I was like, oh my god she’s so pretty! She really is though :O

 Little Black Dresses under $79!
I love these dresses, simple yet cute.  But for my age, there’s no point or events to wear them, sad D:

 That bracelet in the center! looks really cute, but will I ever get used to wearing bracelets? 

 Outfit Idea of the Month
It’s really cute, in my opinion.  I love the color of the dress + the waist belt!  Not too fond of the jacket, but the color combination of everything is just so nice~

 Best Spring Jacket for Your Body Type
Letterman jacket . . . i’ll forever dream about buying one -__-

 Kate Winslet
I have to say it again, she’s so pretty!

And these braids are really interesting looking o.o

May 2011 cover with Ashley Greene 
She’s okay in my opinion, pretty but not super… i dont even know o.o

 Copy Our Cover Looks (Under $100)!
The little dresses, on the left side are really cutee; i kinda want one now for summer

 Swim Suits for your body shape
Busty & Tall

 Swim Suits for your body shape
No Waist

Swim Suits for your body shape
Busty & Petite 

 Swim Suits for your body shape
Long Torso

 Hair Accessories!
I love using sparklie or just any pins to pin back bangs.  I dont really see the point of random barette’s in your hair tho, besides decoration. Sparklie or pretty hair holders are always nice tho~

 Five-Minute Ponytail Alternatives
I love the loose-knot/messy bun! I’ve been slightly obsessed in trying to recreate the messy bun -__-“

And last but not least, Jessica Alba for Revlon Ad.
I just love her, she’s so pretty :)

Hm . . . I think that’s it for now?  If i can update during the week i will, but for sure sometime during the weekend! Yeaah, have a great week everyone! ^_^


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