Take me somewhere warm.

Hi everyone, the weather sucks -_- I swear it was sunny like what, just two weeks ago? It’s back to the same old rain, wind, and coldness . . . and it’s miserable lol.  Don’t get me wrong, i love the rain, but i really have no drive to do anything at all the involves moving outside haha.  But, i hope everyone is doing great! Anyways, I’m suuuper excited for this saturday, the 9th! My friend and i are going to a concert at a local venue and the bands that are playing are: Go Radio!, Runner Runner, Valencia, Anarbor, and A Rocket To The Moon :3 I can’t wait! Plus the show is going to last from 7:30 – 11:30 ish? And the meet and greet afterwards . . i’m just soo excited~

Okay moving on to magazine picturees . . . wait i lied! I was going to show you pictures of my hair; this was my hair after i tied my hair into a twisted-bun after showering. It looks kinda wavy/curly

And random stuff from Nordstrom Catalogue, March 2011? I think.

I really need some for the summer . . . 

I know i have a lot of makeup but i can’t resist D: (And why am i so fascinated by the little turtles on the eyeshadow palette? ^^;;)


I’ve never really gotten used to wearing things on my wrist, watches and bracelets included. But these look kinda cool o.o I like the design of it, and the colorfulness. 

Waist belts!
Ugh I still reaally want waist belts! I’ve looked and i haven’t seen any that i’ve particularly liked or it was too expensive >_<

Okay, another post on other magazine pictures! 


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