Fournine! :)

Oh i’m so exhausted from this weekend! I went to a live concert with my friend, with A Rocket To The Moon (headlining band), Valencia, Runner Runner, Go Radio, and Anarbor.  It was so crazy, for Anarbor (who wasn’t even the main band performing) the crowd was pushing forward and me and my friend literally got lifted up from the people jumping. And i almost (only almost!) got into a fight with these two girls who kept pushing and kicking me . . . Anyways! On friday, me and my boyfriend went to take photos!

Lol me being silly :P Credits to my boyfriend taking the photos! And random, but i really like that top i’m wearing. I got it from my cousin; it’s a nice flowy material and it’s really soft! Plus i really like striped stuff now o.o

Fournine photos!

Justin Richards from A Rocket To The Moon

Nick Bailey from Runner Runner

Ahh . . . i’m too lazy to post more photos from the concert, maybe tomorrow? But you can see more photos on my flickr! I’ll continue updating tomorrow~


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