What’s Back?

Spring fashion!

Sheer and White
Hmm… an excuse to go out and buy some lace clothes?  I think yes :D

Color (especially bright colors, and white)
The bolder the better, and don’t be afraid to mix up the colors~




(Love this color so much :) its like one of my favorite colors)



It gives off this . . . cloudy / floaty feeling? 
You can always mix it up with some colorful accessories! 


I wasn’t (and still am not) sucha big fan of floral, but i guess it depends on the pattern.
Really liking the simple floral dresses and bohemian dresses :O I shall hunt one day soon i swear haha

(All above photo credits to InStyle)


Just a random picture i found on google images, but it’s a really cute dress!
The braided wrap piece over the shoulder is a really cute touch since it makes the dress more interesting

I can’t wait to go shopping! I have the urge to change up my closet . . . oh the money to be spent -__-; haha.  And i’m going to spend the next couple days in California visiting family and just looking around ^^ Definitely going to bring my camera and take tons of photos to share when i get back!


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