Day 1 & 2 in Cali

Day 1
Arrived in Long Beach, California around 6pm, the flight was pretty good. With the thought that I slept the whole time -_-” But yeah, it was a pretty short flight and i thought it’d be warmer when i got there.  It was like 65˚ F, and i thought it was cold! D: Well it was windy but yeaah . . .  Moving onto pictures!

Diletantte Mocha Cafe (@ the airport)

My Caramel Mocha drink

“Life is Good”, a store.  I just had to.

Palm trees @ Long Beach Airport
After arriving, just got some dinner and walked around the plaza nearby the hotel.

Dinner @ Tasty Garden: Calamari as appetizer.  It was super salty but good though

Dinner: Noodles & Shredded Beef in XO Sauce.  This was so yum :O the noodles were like udon noodles haha.

Dinner: HK Style Egg Waffles.  Best thing ever haha, i haven’t had these in so long! It was fresh and yum :)  They were under the appetizer section but it was more dessert for me

Yogen Fruz. I found the sign really interesting, and my favorite color combo pink and blue!

Piyo Piyo Fun House.  It’s like a kid clothing store, and the clothes were super cutee! It was all animal prints too :O

Day 2
Paid respects at the cemetery, and walked around Old Pasedena for most of the day, and then visited my relatives that live nearby.

There was a rose garden at the front of the cemetery.

A lotta shopping to do there; Guess, Juicy Couture, Forever 21, Banana Republic, etc.  And there was some food too :O

Lunch @ Kabuki.  It was a japanese resturant, and had Chicken & Beef Teriyaki (served with miso soup and salad).  

Their Forever 21 was HUGE. Haha, well the building just looked really big.

The shoe collection!! My face was literally like :O 

Dessert at Creme De La Crepe Cafe.  It was a cute little cafe in a small alley, and the crepe was sooo good! The crepe: strawberry and banana, topped with nutella, with whipped cream and ice cream served on the side.  So good~

Didn’t get a chance to get pictures of the food for dinner; ate with my relatives that i haven’t seen in forever and that was it!  I’ll update with pictures from Six Flags and that’s all the time i spent in California D: The weather wasn’t super nice, the highest was in the 70˚ F, and often i thought it was cold because it was windy -_- But other than that, i wouldn’t mind coming back soon!


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