Last Day of Cali

Day 3

Six Flags: Magic Mountain!

AH! I really wanted the minion D: My aiming sucks and soo… i got a pikachu -__-

Lunch @ Panda Express.  Starving so bad, and the line was so long

Dinner @ Mimi’s Cafe.  After visiting relatives again, got dinner. Breakfast food! ^^ French toast, eggs, and sausage.

Got back home in the afternoon of the next day, and then went to hangout with my friend.  Lovely day, nice and relaxing!

Morning: Went to take the COMPASS test and got into college english.  But i was soo close to get into college math D: Gotta study so hard and retake it in three months, while prepping for AP Euro Exam and SAT . . . 

Lunch @ Japanese Gourmet. The food was good, had chicken yakisoba and boyfriend had beef udon.  It was yum, but the service was kinda slow.

Dessert @ Chocolate Box.  Had some delicious gelato, hazlenut and white chocolate gelato!

Taking pictures at Pike Place Market!
Bag; Tokidoki
Top; Love Culture
Short; Taobao

That’s all! It was such nice weather today and i wish i could’ve gone out, but i had lesson all day -_- well, practice/lesson was fun though, i guess? I’ve gotten so used to it :O


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